Disciplined Bi-Directional Index Trading System

3 months,
10X Traders generated
53% from only
14 Trades in Bank Nifty

Specially suited for Traders who believe in a Disciplined Trading Approach with 1-2% Risk and are committed to Achieve Financial Freedom by Compounding !

3 months,
10X Traders generated
53% from only
14 Trades in Bank Nifty

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What is 10X Philosophy ?

We believe that a trader should always focus on risk, and his performance should be a function of the risk he takes, rather than bench marked to an index. The 10X philosophy considers returns as a base of risk accepted to generate that return – it’s a game of money & mind management, rather than entries and exits. Consider the table below :

So where a 10X Trader stands out, is in terms of initial risk and stringent risk management while a trade is open. Our objective is to generate net a risk-adjusted 10X returns every year.




Over 1000 HAPPY

1# Understand that the trader only chooses their entries, exits, position size, and risk and the market chooses whether they are profitable or not.

2# Don’t trade right at open or close because a surge of volatility can easily violate your technical setup.

3# Only take real entries that have an edge, avoid being caught up in the meaningless noise.

4# Trade the chart not the news.

5# Only take trades that have a skewed risk reward in your favor.

6# Most of the time trailing stops are more profitable than profit targets. We need the big wins to pay for the losing trades. Trends tend to go farther than anyone anticipates.

7# Never enter a trade before you know where you will exit if proven wrong.

8# No matter how good ANY setup looks, don’t trade without the confirmation on the higher time frame, especially momentum.

9# Keep things simple—otherwise gets complicated and make mistakes looking at too many things and variables.

10# Be incredibly stubborn in your risk management rules don’t give up an inch. Defense wins championships in sports and profits in trading.

Rules for 10X Trading

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